Greenair is a professional air compressor and compressed air dryer manufacturer, focused on the production, processing, and sales of air compressors and compressed air dryers for more than 20 years. Based on the excellent production capability, we can provide customers with high-quality and affordable air compressors and compressed air dryers as well as excellent OEM/ODM services.

Product customization

We have more than 20 years of air compressors and compressed air dryers manufacturing experience, and we have our research and development team to satisfy our customer’s OEM and ODM demand.

For OEM service, we could print your logo at our product,and also use appointed brand spare parts.

For ODM service, our professional engineer will give you the best price according to your blueprint. They could also design the product with your request.

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Greenair is a professional air compressors & compressed air dryers manufacturer, insists on using superior quality and advanced technology to manufacturing air compressors and compressed air dryers. The air compressors and compressed air dryers, produced by Greenair, can be divided into several series, which received recognition and support in the market.


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Energy saving rotary screw air compressor manufacturer

Green Air Group (China) Limited is an independent international trading company which is registered in The Republic of Seychelles,all products are coming from China with independent intellectual Property rights,and protected by Chinese law. Our specialization lies in screw air compressor technology. We are fully committed to providing customers with highly effective air compressors and dryers to help customers achieve optimal performance in even the most challenging conditions, like tropical areas with high-temperature operation. Our products help lower the consumption of electrical energy without sacrificing performance.



Energy conservation rotary screw air compressor manufacturer

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